Nayel Lawers Practice Areas

Whether you want to sue or defend being sued, it is imperative that your case be properly prepared and managed from the outset so as to ensure that you gain the most and lose the least.

We have extensive experience in civil, criminal and commercial litigation in the Courts of New South Wales. We have also successfully appeared in cases before the Courts of Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland and, therefore, offer a complete litigation service.

Contract Law and International Private Law are special interest areas of the Principal. We draft and advise on contracts relating to commercial transactions, and binding agreements in relation to family law and de-facto relationship property arrangements. We also advise on the litigation of disputes in relation to such contracts.

We have extensive experience in advising and appeared for defendants in cases involving issues of criminal law and procedure, whether it be for trial on pleas of not guilty, sentence proceedings after the charge is proved, bail applications or matters that come within the scope of the specialist jurisdiction of the Local or Magistrate’s Court. The value of obtaining quality legal advice from the outset of any matter applies to all areas of law but our experience demonstrates that criminal proceedings may often be avoided entirely when our clients turn to us for advice before any charge is laid. We encourage you to talk to us about your lawful rights and obligations before you talk to police.  Our resource base includes extensive experience in cases involving homicide, rape, robbery, money laundering, assault, drug manufacture, drug importation and drug supply.

Depending on your needs we may act on your instructions to advise on and draft Binding Financial Agreements with respect to the care and custody of children and the distribution of property of a spousal relationship. Our resource base includes successfully litigating cases relating to Family Law.

If someone is threatening you then we advise that you go to the police. However, sometimes the police may not take action for your protection and you may need to obtain an apprehended violence order for your safety and protection. We can advise you in relation to apprehended personal violence orders and obtain them for you on your behalf. We can also represent you if the police or someone else has applied to impose restrictions on your life by taking out an apprehended or domestic violence order against you.

We advise on and draft lawfully enforceable agreements that govern the distribution of assets and the care and custody of children of a de-facto relationship. We can also advise on and represent you on litigation with respect to a breach of such an agreement.

We realized that the demands of an ageing baby boomer population whom own much of the middle-class wealth of this nation require a quality legal advisory service to ensure that their testamentary intentions as to the distribution of their assets and settlement of their liabilities are lawfully enforceable after they graduate from this dimension.  In response we developed a solid knowledge base in the area of Wills and Deceased Estate Administration. We can advise and represent you on all aspects of administration of a deceased estate and litigate any claim. You may also be entitled to benefit in a deceased estate even if you have been excluded from the Will.

We can advise on and draft lawfully enforceable powers of attorney to enable you to do anything that a person granting you the authority can do via an attorney. We can also advise on and help you prepare applications for guardianship over the affairs of someone whom needs your care.

We have experience in dealing with government and private organizations in:

  • Cambodia in relation to the establishment of the mining operations of the Cambodian subsidiary of an ASX listed mining company; and
  • Mexico, Iran and the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of venture capital financing of large-scale global infrastructure projects and the international operations of an Australian based large-scale agri-business venture.


We have advised on and drafted enforceable contracts for the leasing of commercial premises to businesses in New South Wales.

We have successfully advised on and helped establish private equity mortgage facilities for our commercial clients.

We can advise on the most suitable business structure for your needs and incorporate your company and your trust.

We have experience and a solid working knowledge of the law and procedure with respect to the following jurisdictions:

  • Local Court of New South Wales – Civil Jurisdiction & Small Claims; Criminal Jurisdiction; and Special Jurisdiction;
  • District Court of New South Wales – Civil Jurisdiction and Criminal Jurisdiction;
  • Supreme Court of New South Wales – Criminal Division; Common Law Division; Equity Division;
  • New South Wales Supreme Court of Criminal Appeal;
  • Children’s Court of New South Wales;
  • New South Wales State Parole Authority;
  • Magistrates Court of Victoria – Criminal Jurisdiction;
  • County Court of Victoria – Criminal Jurisdiction;
  • Magistrate’s Court of Western Australia – Criminal Jurisdiction;
  • District Court of Western Australia – Criminal Jurisdiction;
  • Queensland Magistrate’s Court – Criminal Jurisdiction;

Our Practice Areas

• Contract Law
• Criminal Law
• Family Law
• Apprehended Violence Orders
• De-facto Relationships
• Wills and Deceased Estates
• Power of Attorney and Guardianship
• International Law
• Commercial Leases
• Mortgage Transactions
• Company Incorporation and Trusts
• Supreme Court
• District Court

• County Court

• Local Court

• Magistrates Court

• Parole