Suabe Nayel began working with the legal profession in 1999 and was admitted into full-time practice as a Solicitor and Barrister in New South Wales in 2001. Since then he has advised on and appeared as solicitor advocate in hundreds of cases before the courts of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, as well as consulted and actively facilitated the operation of Australian based companies overseas.

From 2001 to 2007 Suabe was a senior associate of a high profile criminal law firm in Sydney and appeared extensively throughout the criminal courts of New South Wales in a myriad of cases ranging from minor traffic and summary offences in the Local Court through to a plethora of homicide related charges in the Supreme Court and beyond. Other criminal cases included – Drug Manufacture; Drug Importation; Drug Supply; Armed Robbery; Rape and Indecency; Assault; Money Laundering; Fraud; Housebreaking; Drink Driving; and Parole Hearings.

In 2003 Suabe personally extended the firms areas of practice into Civil and Commercial Litigation; Family and De-Facto Property Law and Disputes; Building and Construction Disputes and Debt Recovery Actions. In 2008 Suabe took a senior role in setting up the Cambodian operations of an Australian based mining company that ultimately listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In 2008 Suabe founded and incorporated Nayel Pty Ltd and provided business and consultancy services to a select clientele of international standing, thereby adding to his resume the commercial experience of working with several influential public and private sector organizations for the purpose of facilitating the financing and development of Agri-business and Renewable Energy Systems, amongst other large scale infrastructure projects throughout Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

From 2010 to present Suabe has held the position of Principal Director of Nayel Lawyers, providing full-scale legal advisory services to the private sector.

Suabe’s other interests include capital management and investment, music, surfing and fitness.

Our Practice Areas

• Contract Law
• Criminal Law
• Family Law
• Apprehended Violence Orders
• De-facto Relationships
• Wills and Deceased Estates
• Power of Attorney and Guardianship
• International Law
• Commercial Leases
• Mortgage Transactions
• Company Incorporation and Trusts
• Supreme Court
• District Court

• County Court

• Local Court

• Magistrates Court

• Parole